Justice of the Unicorns — New Disk, Tasteful Decor

Not since the glory days of Molly Hatchet have we seen an album cover with such understated taste. Brooklyn’s own Justice of the Unicorns commissioned renowned sci-fi artist Borris Vallejo to conjure up this work of art to adorn the forthcoming “Animals Will Be Stoned.”

Justice of the Unicorns sounds nothing like Molly Hatchet, despite the cover. Instead the music is low-tech space rock, with amazing melodic hooks, lyrics and harmonies provided by leader Rusty Dungan. Dungan has penned some of our favorite lyrics ever (e.g. “Polar Bear” — “If my love was a polar bear, baby shoot yourself…”). Usually his songs are about things one would be exposed to growing up on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Things like Jesus, trailers, pilled-out ladies, fishing, horses and pterydactyls and disco lights.

To get an idea of what they’re about, check the video for “Polar Bear” they released in 2006. It was shot by renowned hip-hop director Rik Cordero.

Check the JOTU site for release info. They’re not pushing it too hard so I’m not sure when it’ll drop. When asked how to get ahold of “Animals…” in a recent Facebook wall post, the band replied “indie torrents”.


One thought on “Justice of the Unicorns — New Disk, Tasteful Decor

  1. Jon on

    I believe the official release date is May 17.

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